& it all started with some milk and quiet.

I never thought i’de be so desperate to have 5 minutes to myself. An average breastpump session is 15  minutes if you pump both breasts at the same time. Singles, 15 minutes each. So if 5 minutes of peace was joy for me, imagine 15 or 30 minutes. It was like the jack pot. Being a parent of a 3 month old is difficult! You quickly realize your time is no longer “your” time.

Not like I had much time to spare anyway being a mother of an 11 year old boy who has caught the “I’m an adult” bug early. With football practices, games and homework that I swear is more for the parents than the child, Aiden himself is a handful. An average day for me would be waking up to go to work, 8 hours later, I’m off to an hour of traffic and I come home to cook  for my family just like many of you do.  We have now added a 3 month old breastfed baby boy to that equation. In all my point is, what time do I, we, us have for ourselves?

Well, I found a small crack in the system. I don’t latch Sebastian, I pump. My fiancé takes Sebastian and Aiden is usually annoying them or in his room thinking of how to annoy them while I’m in my room setting up the pump. Peace and quiet, alone and at ease. I take out my phone, catch up on Pinterest articles and posts or grab my kindle and mentally travel for a moment. It clicks! This is my “me” time. Ladies! This is our “us” time. Guys, this is your “you” time….to sharpen up those daddy skills (every guy at this point leaves my page with a possible eye roll and comment)  😉 – no but really! This was my time to just get acquainted with myself again. All mothers know how quickly it is to lose sight of ourselves. So welcome to my sacred 15-30 minutes. I sit at the same spot, enjoying an ice cold water while i sometimes imagine it being a cold beer or margarita ( oh come on! We all enjoy a nice drink every now and then at our favorite bar) and connect with everyone passing through. Everyone is welcome. I just happen to stumble on this place during my breastfeeding journey but you might be on a break from work looking to decompress mentally in a good read. Either way, Thee Milk Barr is officially open. Be on the lookout for more in:



Dancing while breastfeeding…..???? (Totally kidding, but can you imagine?? LOL)

Books – Eventually have a tab for my reviews (like a book club)



Self Growth


Motherhood & Fatherhood

And I mean I could go on listing but keep up with me every Wednesday for a session & if you haven’t checked out my about me page yet- what the heck are you waiting for?  By the way, anyone use the Medela breast pump here?

One thought on “& it all started with some milk and quiet.

  1. Jaimie says:

    Can I just say how freaking proud of you I am!!! Cheers my friend, I always knew and never had a doubt you are destined for great things.

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