Got Misery?

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The types of people to stay away from:

Miserable ones.

Alright, pack it up. Let’s head out. Ya girl is running off of like four hours of sleep here. The Gucci bags under my eyes are on”fleek” and quite frankly I think we all know miserable people are lurking around in our everyday lives.

Thee end. (Lights shut off, door shuts behind me)

Yeah, I’m a bit miserable. Sleep deprivation is real. The type of misery I’m talking about isn’t caused by being sleep deprived though. It’s more of the misery that feeds off of your unhappiness instead of sharing positivity with you (crowd cheers and whistles) The types of people that do things to upset you just cause they want to ruin your day (crowd cheers and whistles) That one person who HAAAATESSSS that you have what they can’t have and so they silently wish your downfall or loudly act upon making it hard for you (crowd cheers and whistles) How about the ones that say they are going to clean up the house and when you get home the house isn’t clean and there’s actually more of a mess now then there was before (crowd stares blankly) I’m sorry. I got carried away. Benny and I are working through some things. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I have come across some pretty miserable people. It’s been a bitter sweet journey with this topic only because sometimes you have to put these people at an arms length or farther to avoid their negativity from impacting your day and life. My friends understand that if you allow those people to be in your lives – you too will be miserable. You can only be positive for so long around these folks. To be real sometimes it’s the people you love the most which can make it that much harder. Have you met Miserable Molly? Or maybe a Miserable Marc? (I get on the guys too much so let’s stick with Molly for now lol)

Miserable Molly in the morning.

6AM bright and early and she is just going IN. WHAT are you so upset about at 6AM? Like Katt Williams would say “Wait a minute, you’re angry at breakfast? You’re gang bangin on bacon?!?!” In all sincerity, I don’t understand how people wake up angry. Every. Day. Please resolve the issues the night before. This is the golden rule. You fix whatever it is (if possible) before bed. PLEASE. Understand this is a problem. It is TOO early for this riff raff. Too. Early. If you are not a morning person, cool. I know many of those who just don’t talk and keep to themselves. I get that but please don’t make that as an excuse to attack any and every one at every chance you get. You’re not a morning person and I didn’t sleep for more than two hours 🤷🏽 Just stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you.

Miserable molly in the afternoon because a rough start in the morning sets a downfall on your day.

Miserable Molly in the evening because the afternoon was pretty harsh too.

Miserable Molly on the weekends because your week wasn’t all that great.

Miserable Molly on holidays because they just don’t like the holidays.

(Repeat 5 more times)

The point is, It doesn’t matter what day or time it is. This is who you are at every point in the day. You are just going through something in your life that is causing you to lash out at everyone. Use that anger to attack the problem(s), get rid of it and start fresh!

Is your husband causing you anger? Get rid of him. Or yell at him. I’m not your husband. Please don’t yell at me.

Do you want a husband? Possibly, but with that attitude honey, you will not find one. You could be drop dead gorgeous but your attitude is everything. It really does shine off of you.

Do you hate your job? Quit. I have to be here for 8-9 hours and actually love my job. If you can’t quit, I get that. Just stay away from me and again, I will stay away from you.

I do not allow these people in my home, in my car, around my family, not even saved in my phone (you think I’m kidding?!?) I am a HUGE believer in the whole energy concept. What you allow in your life will leave its mark. I don’t not want negative energy in my life. I do not want the drama. I do not want to hear “that’s just how I am”. Then you go be who you are – OVER THERE. If you have people who are in a constant battle you will end up in theirs or in one of your own because of them. Please. Do some self-reflecting and change. Life is too short to walk around in misery. Your vibration is pouring out constant misery and that’s concerning. We were not meant to be placed on this planet to be angry all the time. It’s unhealthy for you and as much as we don’t want it to be contagious; it is. It is literally draining to be around negative and miserable people. It’s draining to be this way all by itself! I use to be a Miserable Molly because my life was a completely cluster of trash and I was as salty as a freaking salt bag in the middle of a room. I was always dragging around, snapping and I felt I could be this way because I was going through some minor issues in life. There are people who are out there dying, homeless, lost their kids and here you are angry at the world because your negative mindset continues to attract negativity and you’re in limbo as to why you have not be able to be happy. Come on now. Change is good and it all starts with you and it’s not something you can buy so keep the change ya filthy animal. 😜

Try these oh so simple things:

Reading great self-reflecting books – one that is circulating around right now is called “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. I’m in the process of reading this one.

Watch “The Secret” – my sister handed this gem to me and ohhh my gah! I watch it at least twice a month.

Print up positive quotes and place them around you- everywhere! They are constant reminders.

Start everyday- be thankful. Have moments of gratitude often.

Your mental game needs to be on point! – Mind over matter. Stop letting everyone control your thoughts; feed it happy and positive thoughts! You would be surprised how much of difference it makes when you just turn the positive switch on. It eventually turns on by itself the more you practice.

Your circle- Don’t listen to those other negative people around you that may have turned you this way. Get rid of them! That’s a start! Surround yourself with strong, hardworking, goal orientated and funny people.

Good luck in finding your happiness and those whom are happy- good luck holding on to it. Each and every day we find people who try to steal it. Even if it’s just for that moment. Guard what you love and be careful what and who you allow in your life. I choose to not live this way. Just because Benny didn’t do the dishes for a whole week does not mean I’m going to take a dish outside and throw it at someone other than him.

As the famous quote would go – There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn’t with you. It is with themselves.

You can be as foul as you would like my dear. At some point in the day or in life, you will have to face reality. I still go home to a #HusBEN (love the hashtag, thanks Lizz- follow her on FB at Lizz Pope 😍) my two beautiful boys & the new succulent plant we have now cause our bonsai tree unfortunately has served it’s time and went to tree heaven 😩. I will continue to pray for you Miserable Molly ❤️

Just keep laughing, just keep laughing (dori voice)

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24 thoughts on “Got Misery?

  1. Natalie says:

    I think we can all relate to this one! I have a close friend that just can’t seem to NOT complain. It is so hard sometimes to listen to the “poor me” speal every time.

  2. Austie says:

    I needed this today!!! There are a couple miserable people near and dear to my heart and this motivates me to cut ties! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ashley says:

    Unfortunately, negative people are all around and love to share their misery. Sometimes I think its a heir way of reaching out to try and have someone change their thinking and make them happy.

  4. alunderfullife says:

    I agree with you on negative people – those who you surround yourself with make a huge impact. I have been trying to make a more conscious effort on the type of people I choose to be around.

  5. WifeSAHMLife says:

    I try my BEST to live my life based on the concepts shared in The Secret. I even go as far to write out my desires and burn them after reading out loud. Native Americans believed that if we write messages and burn them they are sent out to our spirit guides. So I feel like I am sending my wishes to the universe and beyond when I do this. It has worked for me 🙂

    • theemilkbarr says:

      Ahh yes I too am a believer in this. Love when someone can understand!! Energy is everything, it is so true- law of attraction works! Thank you for sharing! Love that you brought up that Native American point!

  6. jrandall86 says:

    Those miserable people bring you down so much, I always try to avoid their negative energy as much as possible.

  7. KrisBeeMama says:

    Yes! Surround yourself with positive people, not miserable ones that just take and take from others. We moms don’t have the time or energy to deal!

  8. Vecina says:

    Girl, you got this down to the T. I got that miserable molly popping in and out constantly tryna steal my joy. Smh wish she could read this maybe a light bulb would go off lol

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