A gentle reminder.

Photo Creds:Legit photo of me that leaked and went viral.

To whom this may concern:

Please read the following mumbo jumbo (the first two paragraphs aren’t mumbo jumbo but it obviously dissolved into that cause you know me, Ms. Can’t be serious):

Just this week alone (think about it, it’s only Wednesday) I have seen five (5) R.I.P. posts to a friend or family member. I send my prayers and condolences to you💙. A total of six (6) “Be Aware” postings and to name a few: someone was being followed home, a friend who turned the corner and a strange man stood there, a CHILD around the age of 10 who lured another child that was 3 years old (still the most shocking to me) to a car with a man in it but the parent stopped it just in time (she was paying attention so relax. She kept an eye on her child the whole time. Sadly she confirmed her gut feeling was right and that this is just another way to kidnap kids smh). Please be safe and please be aware of your surroundings. Chameleon eyes people! Eyes everywhere!

It’s so easy to be distracted for just one second. We glance down at our phones and before we know it we get trapped scrolling down the feed and 5 minutes have passed. Anything can happen when you look up. Car accident, child missing, someone in your face, someone now following you and you didn’t notice or maybe you just missed the sign saying “free donuts today- come on in!” (I’m salty AF, yeah I said it). In the blink of an eye everything can change. Just be as vigilant as possible. Friendly reminder that unfortunate situations happen whether you’re a great person or a bad person. It has no preference. It happens every second, every minute, and every hour to someone. Just be conscious that someday it won’t just be “someone”, it could be you. How scary to think this.

Extend yourself more than usual and share revitalizing words to someone who needs them and to those who don’t. I know how hard it is to be curing to others when you feel the weight on your shoulders but sometimes being positive for others can uplift your spirits too.  There is easy access to all the mayhem going on in the world and lately I’ve seen by far way too much of it. I’m just one of those people who can’t handle it in such large doses but even in bits and pieces it still weighs heavy on me and I have to disconnect from everything to balance myself out once again.

Spend time with your loveys. Family and friends matter. Get lost in the moments of their company and hold on to that. Make the time for it. Life has been pretty hectic lately as I’m sure you can tell, MilkBarr has been open late! I’m shifting along with life and as I said spend time with those you want to devote your time to..so here I am, with you.

Lend an ear, you have two. I believe people are put in your path at the perfect time. Someone may need to just vent. Let them…some people just want to be heard. They may need that unbiased opinion or just someone to listen in comforting silence, it could go such a long way! While you’re at it, speak a positive message.

Buy someone goodies- this one is just for me. Buy me some goodies! Snickers, Jeremiahs Ice cream, pizza- just leave it at the door with a note. I’m totally fine with that! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Say I love you more.

Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Tell someone how great of a person they are.

Help someone out.

Check on your family and friends more than just every once and a blue moon. This one for me-working on it. I admit it.

Listen to positive messages and let it change you. Change is uncomfortable at first but it turns out to be so beautiful.

Grumpy gals are overrated. I get it. We are all crazy. We are all angry. We are all ready to kick ass. Tone it down a bit. You attract what you put out. Maybe changing your attitude could help open the doors to a whole new world. What do I know though? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Snip snip y’all. Snip. Snip. Cut toxic people out of your life. Cut ANYTHING toxic out of your life. Putting time in to meaningless friendships or relationships of any kind are for the birds.

Sheesh, I pep talked myself and agreed to a short, direct entry this evening and here I am just babbling away. Why didn’t anyone stop me?

(Peeps out into the crowd and notices everyone is sleeping)

It’s late! Go home! Until next week. ❤️

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11 thoughts on “A gentle reminder.

    • Cin says:

      I catch myself in a slump quite often too. It’s hard when life doesn’t have a pause so I get it. Keep smiling though. Attract good vibes ❤️

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