So I usually get on Facebook and Instagram to update a status with some positivity or humor, do some networking, chit chat a bit and off I go. I’ll scroll around here and there (guilty) but I mean, who doesn’t? The last few times I’ve browsed the social I’ve come across such a touching entry. It literally grabs ahold of me every time I read it. I read it more than once and when I’m finally done reading it, I take a look around and just have a moment of gratitude.

I’ve done a “copy and paste” for this diamond piece because I just needed to repost this. You may have read this and may need to read it again or maybe you’ve never read it and it’s fallen on to your lap at the perfect time. Either way, please read the following by Brittany Latham.

Lè Brittany if this repost should ever reach you just know I am totally in love with this. My wandering demons become silent when I read it. Thank you for acknowledging me. Thank you for sitting next to me in comfort….wherever you are.

Let’s begin:

For the woman whose husband makes an “extra stop” after work every evening.

For the woman who is mourning the loss of a pregnancy nobody knew about.

For the woman who leads from the front even though she’s lost inside.

For the woman who was fired for her fourth late because she’s been awake for a straight week with a sick child.

For the single mum who doesn’t know how the utilities will stay on this month.

For the woman who has gone through 2 IVF’s and tried for five years without success but still shows up to every baby shower for her friends.

For the woman who still hasn’t forgiven herself for the abortion she had 20 years ago.

For the woman who has a line of judging eyes at her and her children as she counts out coins and puts something back at the supermarket.

For the woman that opens the door to the news of her husband being killed overseas three weeks before he was to return home.

For the woman that lives with anxiety because nobody understands what she could possibly be stressed about.

For the woman that gives to her family all day- everyday and just.needs.a.break.

For the woman that smiles at strangers all day in public- but weeps silently every night.

For the woman who has wanted to end it all but found strength to carry on.

For the woman that heard the rumor about herself today.

For the woman sleeping next to a stranger every night.

For the woman whose genetics will never allow her to look like the ones in magazines.

For the woman that endures one broken relationship after another because there was no father around to teach her what love looks like.

For the woman raising a fatherless daughter and praying that history doesn’t repeat itself.

For the woman who loves with all her heart who’s desperate to be loved.

For every single woman that cries in the shower so nobody else can see. Because if you aren’t strong-nobody is.

Just because the water washes your tears doesn’t mean you don’t cry. Just because you cry doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough to handle it.

I am you. I see you. I am with you, I cry with you. I love you.

Author: Brittany Latham

(Brittany Latham Studios)


Ugh. I am an absolute fan. Maybe as you read this a friend comes straight to mind that may actually appreciate this. Send it to them! I just felt like reposting this would be perfect. You know, when your intuition keeps poking you.

As this beautiful write-up by Brittany continues to go viral I hope it crosses every woman in need and wants of it. Passing on the #GrlPower emblem to you now. Cheers my dears ❤️

Photo credits (this picture and my featured picture) to my girl on IG: Bombchellebabes Nichelle and I go way back. Truly love all her post & all powerful photos she shares. Thank you for spreading constant positivity and powerful women quotes.

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