5 things I love about Motherhood.


Photo credits go to? That’s right #VanityKrystal on IG.

So one of my fellow #BlogGals and I have been doing a ping pong blog. Is this actually blog terminology? No, not that I’m aware of but I will explain. I published an entry titled “5 things I hate about Motherhood” and my girl Shannon over at The SAHM Life did one in return to mine which you can find *here* .So I guess you can say Shannon and I collaborated? (Shrugs and nods) So now, Shannon has done 5 things I love about Motherhood and I will respond to it with my own five.

Oh and yes, I promise not to lie again. It’s actually five things. Which in fact is so hard because there are so many things to love about motherhood but here is my attempt to pick the fantastic five.

Shannon, this ones for you.

Oh and my kids of course πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

The first year.

The first year of having a baby is by far the best. You see them develop so much and so fast. I constantly look back on videos and pictures of Sebastian and Aiden. Sebs is 5 months now and i love reading what to expect next and seeing him doing it. Aiden is going to be 12 this year so I barely remember much of the first year but I do have pictures that help of his first year. I just love when they are this small! Here are two of my absolute favorite photos:

Sebastians first direct smile at me when I said his name. On my birthday too 😍 he was 3 weeks old!

Aidens first time standing up after a long crawl journey to the tub.

The smiles and the laughs!

Don’t you just love their teethless smiles and those adorable giggles?! Ugh my heart! I completely swoon over Sebastians smile! Aiden has developed a more mature laugh obviously but I will always hear his giggles behind it and his smile is simply to die for. Isn’t it funny how we make some funky faces and bizarre sounds just to see them smile and hear them laugh? I turn into a complete buffoon when I get around them.

Heeeead, tummy, thighs and toes, thighs and toes!

Baby toes and feet though. Let’s be honest as soon as they hit 1 years old (even a bit sooner) their feet are still cute but they.are.STANK. How about those cute tummies and those chunky thighs 😍 sheesh I get all warm inside just thinking about it. Ugh! I can literally squeeze on Sebs all day and although Aiden is a big boy now but mom will always love to kiss on that face! Come here!! (Reaches for the both of them).

Sebastian found his feet! Those oh so cute feet 😍

Mornings with my SONshines.

The mornings are my favorite because they are so happy when they wake up. They prop themselves up, look around for you, and smile as soon as they see you (sorry no crankies here) I love it! Both of my boys are all smiles in the morning, quiet (ahhh yesss some peace lol) and in pretty good moods for the most part. I love being able to drink something warm in the morning, make breakfast and enjoy their “not quite awake” presence as we watch Saturday morning cartoons. I enjoy it while I can.

The whoopins!

I don’t know about you all but I truly enjoy whoopin Aidens ass…..IN UNO!!! AAAHHH you thought I was talking about physically?!? I know you did, put the rocks down and laugh a little. My bond with Aiden is different. I truly struggle with “not being his friend” like I mentioned in 5 things I hate about Motherhood. I have my moments when I play around with him way too much and we both get a kick out of it but then I have to snap back into mom mode cause he can take it a bit too far and try to stretch that “friend” mode. While I can though I enjoy the video games, the card and board game victories and a small roasting comment in here and there. Sure I let him win…(rolls eyes) but not much lol. Point is, I love being able to play with him. With both of them. Before I know it they will have their own lives and the games will catch dust. Speaking of whoopin some ass – there’s a dance game, my winning title and a little boy who’s working on taking it from me; waiting. These are the things I look forward to. #MomBully πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

There you have it #MilkBarrFam. A list of 5 reasons I personally enjoy on a day late post. 😩 Cut this momma bear some slack! A day late post will NOT happen again. #ScoutsHonor

So tell me, what do you enjoy and love about Motherhood? If you love everything including making mom friends – check out my about me & let’s engage on the social!

22 thoughts on “5 things I love about Motherhood.

  1. Neha Sharma says:

    Awww…such a cute compilation of 5 best things about motherhood. Loved reading your post. Morning smiles and cuddles are my favorites too.

  2. Candice says:

    All those first moments are the best about motherhood (minus getting pee on you πŸ˜‰ ) My favourite thing is the happy smile they get because you have done something to make them happy.

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