Middle what? School when?

Welcome #MilkBarrRegulars! I won’t hold you too long this week.

I have been foul lately at work, at home, just in general. I’ve been very emotional and it’s almost unbearable for me to even deal with myself.

I’ve dug deep though and realized I am having a hard time accepting the fact that Aiden is going to MIDDLE SCHOOL! I have dreaded the approach of August the 13th because my first born, my sweet boy will officially be a middle school newbie. I am semi excited but I hope I’m not alone when I say I am the freaking the f*%# out! Middle school is such a huge step and so many new doors open in all different directions. The summer is over and I haven’t prepared AT ALL for this. Between work taking up majority of my day and time, rushing home to get the baby, cook and clean up I’ve completely let time fly and now I stare at a boy who has no haircut, no directional talks about Middle School to prep him and myself and no supplies ready! How did this happen?! WE are not ready! As I throw myself into the last minute school shopping savage inferno that will take place this final weekend before school starts I ask for one thing and one thing only.

Two things actually.

First. To pray that I don’t have an anxiety attack at the stores because I HATE: 1. Last minute shopping 2. Bumping into people 3. Leaving my nest.

Second. I’m asking everyone for some advice as we start this new journey. Anyone else have a Middle school newbie? Anyone already passed this first stage? Even if you’re not a mom, send some great vibes my way and any piece of advice you all may want to share.

I would often hear “do not blink” because it’s that fast! Before you know they are all grown up. Who told me this and why didn’t you slap me and tell me this was true? It all happened too unbelievably fast.

I look forward to all the advice, any words from my wise warrior parents and all the positive vibes. Please drop a comment and help a momma out!

Yours truly,

A mom who is afraid to blink more than she already has.

18 thoughts on “Middle what? School when?

  1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

    Oh my goodness do I relate. I’ve got my youngest daughter heading to middle school this year. I’ve got three in high school. It flies by in a blink for sure. I cry every year sending them off. Luckily we had a bit more time as school for us starts Tuesday. Middle school was and is always an emotional rollercoaster for girls but does seem much easier on the boys. Hope that makes you feel better.

  2. Fire Chapo says:

    Lol this is so touching. You got this momma bear 🐻 communication is everything and I know that you’re a great listener as long as you’re there to listen to him everyday and advise him with your motherly love all will be well. Mothers and sons share a special bond from the womb but I believe it going to be during these times: middle school and upward where the bond will develop the most. Sending positive vibes your way!!! ❤️🌹💯🙏🏽😘

  3. Angelina Rock says:

    I completely undersatand how you feel. My oldest is turning nine and I am over here freaking out that this is the last year of single digits. Ugh when did these kids of ours grow up it maybe cliche but I still see a baby when I look at my daughter. But we are strong moms and we can do it

    • Cin says:

      I am stuck on Aiden being 5..every time I look at him I see a 5 year old 😩 time goes too fast and I just have no caught up and I don’t wanna!! I feel you on that. #WeAreStrong #YESWECAN

  4. Shannon says:

    My oldest is going to the 3rd grade but I have siblings that are like my own children (I’m the fill in mom lol). I can tell you I blinked and really was upset that I didn’t even get the chance to have that important talk with my siblings. The youngest, my brother is going to high school and I can’t even believe it.

    Where has time gone right?? Take whatever opportunity you can to talk with him and love on him before he starts feeling weird about the “mom kisses”. You don’t need a lot of time but just some time to let him know you are there.

    I can’t even imagine my oldest going to middle school but it is blowing my mind thinking about it. And girl you aren’t the only person who has to do some last minute school shopping. Lol. You got this!

    • Cin says:

      Omg high school! Shannon stop right now lol
      You’re absolutely right. “You don’t need a lot of time but just time to let him know you’re there” 😍 yes. Love that.
      Thank you for your support. 3rd grade will soon turn into Middle school 😂😂 then I’ll be here writing you! 😘 thanks momma!

  5. Jennifer Tucker says:

    I relate quite a bit to your feelings here. I have a 9 month old and it saddens me how quickly time has gone by. In my mind, she’s already a year old!

    I fear sending my child to middle school as well, but for a slightly different reason: My own middle school days were help. I was bullied and treated like dirt by classmates because I was the quiet girl who always wore clothes that were too big for me and came to school smelling like my house (I didn’t grow up in a good environment).

    Alongside making sure my daughter never has to grow up the way I did, I’m also trying to do everything I can to make sure she doesn’t have the same anxiety and shyness I have. By preparing her in those ways, my hope is that she’ll have a much better middle school experience than I did.

    Chances are you’re freaking out way way worse than your son is. I’m sure he isn’t lamenting any lack of “preparedness ” on your part. It seems like no matter how much we go above and beyond every single day in our work and family life, we can never seem to feel like we do enough as mothers. You are doing the best you can! Don’t worry, you are son is going to do just fine.

    • Cin says:

      Wow. This helped me more than you could imagine. Thank you for the reassurance and for slapping some sense in to me. I am defiantly flipping out way more than he is and I let my anxiety cloud everything.
      Its true, it’s never enough to ourselves.
      Your daughter will do amazing in Middle school. She has a warrior of a mom who is preparing her and she is very lucky.
      I was stuck for sometime with trying to find the right words in regards to the kids that treated you so poorly but I’ll keep my comments to myself on that cause I need to stick to my changed ways 😂😂 I don’t do well with bullies and it burns me to hear that.
      Keep doing a great job & if it means anything, thank you for helping me with your response ❤️

  6. emgottberg says:

    Oh your poor momma heart. I am a mess because my son is turning one in September! So I can’t even imagine how I will be when he goes to middle school! Stay strong girl- no advice here I will just be crying and feeling your pain!

    • Cin says:

      We are all on a boat full of tears LOL the big ONE 😍 how adorable. Thank you girl and I’m heading to that stop next. My little one is almost 6 months. Half way there!

  7. With Love From P says:

    Awwww you’re so sweet, it’s so hard to let go of our babies. My son is only 3 years old and is starting his very first school soon and I’m so anxious. why do they grow so quick 😭😭 all your emotions are so natural, he will do amazing. Keep us updated ❤️

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