Girls Gone Wine.

All Photography: SilverSpoonVisions

I strongly believe in the power of #GIRLTIME. Something about it that brings the refreshed woman out of me. What beats getting together with some of your favorite humans, indulging in countless, raw topics and to top off the vibe there’s music to shake whatcha momma gave ya with a beer, mimosa, or my favorite – el wine. How many of us whether we are a mom or not find time to decompress with our gals? We barely have “Me” time. How many of us can’t even find time to make new friendships? Keep up with old ones? Today we are able to do that through social media right? That’s just how it is whether we want to keep up with the times or nah (new age lingo, I have to keep up).


With that being said, meet your new Thursday tribe! YouTube is our place to meet and we are titled “Girls Gone Wine“. I believe I had majority of you at the wine part. Our FIRST episode drops TOMORROW – Thursday 8.16.2018- and we are so stoked!

Left: Yours truly in the white tee. If you’ve been keeping up with me every Wednesday here at #TheeMilkBarr (which you should be and IF YOU’RE NOT..then there are no consequences cause I can barely keep up with myself) and have read my about me then you have a pretty good soliloquy. Just incase you haven’t or need to be refreshed – Here is your VIP access: ABOUT ME.

Middle: Mrs. #VanityKrystal in the photo flesh. Van is married and a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) with a one year old boy. She’s a student in college for Sonography and dabbles in photography. Vanity is also a curly hair enthusiast (#DevaCurl where you at?!) and her hair journey has come a long way. The results are amazing!

Right: Kat is our makeup Goddess. As Van says “she will wear a full face of makeup to pump gas”. πŸ˜‚ She is also married and is a SAHM with a two year old boy giving her a run for her money. We all know age 2 are the terrible twos and titled that way for a reason. As you will see on Thursdays our friend Kat is always late which I’m sure many can relate to that alone.

Come join us on Thursdays and see what we’re all about! We want to hear from you and we can by email at or in our video comments. You can follow us on the social (which I’ve linked on our names) and leave us comments which we absolutely love. We definitely want to include our viewers and we thank you for even taking the time to unWINE with us πŸ˜‰. I’m huge on support so even a “like” goes a long way and I thank all of you who have kept up with me thus far!

PS. Who doesn’t love bloopers? Right. We have those and our come up game from our first episode to all that follow is so strong! Goes to show you that we are just some regular gals having fun together and figuring it out as we go. ❀️


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