Lawry’s Elegant Dining Experience: A 5-Star Guide to Iconic Cuisine

Discover Lawry’s Elegant Dining Experience

Embark on a gastronomic adventure that marries time-honored customs with high-class sophistication at the celebrated Lawry’s. Renowned for its refined atmosphere and sophisticated flavors, our carefully crafted menu delivers an unparalleled dining tableau. As connoisseurs of culinary craftsmanship, we ensure each plate embodies a blend of traditional fare and avant-garde flavors.

Starters: A First Taste of Luxury

Initiate your meal with starters that whet the appetite for what’s to come. Delight in our large shrimp cocktail, where plump shrimp mingle with tangy sauce, or explore the fresh zest of our spinning bowl salad, an iconic Lawry’s offering with crisp greens and classic dressing.

The Celebrated Spinning Bowl Salad

Our spinning bowl salad is a crowd favorite, featuring fresh ingredients tossed in our distinctive salad spinner and drizzled with proprietary dressings, creating an unforgettable beginning to your repast.

Prime Ribs of Beef: The Essence of Lawry’s Menu

The cornerstone of our fare is the exquisite prime ribs of beef, symbolizing a storied tradition. Aged and roasted with precision, our prime ribs are carved to order, epitomizing the succulence and tenderness Lawry’s is famed for.

The Acclaimed Lawry’s Cut

The Lawry’s Cut, renowned for its sumptuous texture, perfectly complements the delicate balance of savory richness sought after by our distinguished diners, making each morsel a celebration of fine dining.

Main Courses: A Catalogue Beyond Prime Rib

Though we’re celebrated for our prime rib, we take immense pride in a diverse entrée repertoire. Whether you choose the Atlantic lobster tails with their succulent charm or the herbaceous elegance of the Roasted Rack of Lamb, these selections affirm our culinary versatility.

Lawry's Elegant Dining Experience

Thoughtfully Crafted Vegetarian Dishes

Our chefs’ dedication to inclusivity shines through in our vegetarian and vegan options. Indulge in our vegetable wellington or the seasonally inspired risotto, highlighting the ingenuity of our kitchen with every bite.

Accompaniments: Exquisite Enhancements

No meal at Lawry’s is complete without the indulgence of our side offerings. Relish the luxurious creaminess of our spinach or the subtle elegance of buttered peas with shallots, each a perfect harmony with your chosen entrée.

The Illustrious Creamed Corn

Our creamed corn often outshines the main attraction, enveloping sweet kernels in a luscious cream base—a side dish not to be overlooked on your visit to Lawry’s.

Luxurious Desserts: Culinary Epilogue

Conclude your dining chronicle with our heavenly desserts. Whether it’s the layered English Trifle or the indulgent Chocolate Bag, our sweets promise a blissful finale to your meal.

Signature C.C. Brown’s Hot Fudge Sundae

Our homage to tradition, C.C. Brown’s hot fudge sundae features legendary hot fudge over cool vanilla ice cream— a timeless treat to remember.

Carefully Curated Wine and Beverage Offerings

Complement your feast with wines handpicked to harmonize with our plates. Whether you favor an intricate white or a bold red, our sommelier will guide you to an impeccable match. Moreover, delve into our variety of top-shelf spirits for a more invigorating complement.

Meticulously Mixed Cocktails and Beers

Our mixologists serve up both classic and innovative cocktails alongside a selection of craft beers, becoming conversational delights as well as palate refreshers during your Lawry’s journey.

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Finale: Lawry’s Incomparable Gastronomic Journey

Lawry’s encapsulates more than just dining; it’s a symphony of fine cuisine, superior service, and an ambiance that transcends time. Our menu, a labor of passion and artistry, invites you to savor dishes that resonate with luxury, comfort, and an appreciation for the finer palate. Join us for an extraordinary event where every meal becomes a significant occasion, and each patron is cherished as part of the Lawry’s lineage.

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